Love at First Sit

Love at First Sit

Have your love by your side and look in the opposite direction with Jake Phipps’ Loveseat.

Loveseat in solid wood photographed outdoors

Painstakingly sculpted by Mr. Phipps from a solid block of cedar, Loveseat expands Michelangelo’s notion about the form trapped within from marble to wood, revealing a sinuous Yin/Yang form with the exacting elegance of an Inuit canoe.

solid wood loveseat in front of fire

The designer also has an answer for those who might shy away from the notion of contrapuntal orientation to one’s beloved: “With its complimentary principles of balance and unity, Loveseat lets a couple share a conversation, with their different perspectives providing a more complete outlook on the world around them.”

Jake Phipps solid wood furniture

See Jake Phipps to find out more.

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