Threading, Tension, Movement

Threading, Tension, Movement

Karl Ekdahl’s “Materials in Tension” emerges from two premises.

Wooden threading detail

1. Threading, as in the textured part of a bolt, implies movement.

Materials in Tension threads

2. Textiles can be used to create form, rather than simply being subservient to an underlying structure.

Detail of wood back and textile

The result is the Tension in Movement chair, whose defining quality is its gentle fold of fabric.

Materials in Tension chair front view

As Ekdahl says, the threading detail provides another layer of meaning: “There is an expectation that something will happen, the object is never static, which creates a kind of suspense that captures my interest and makes me wonder: “What happens if I rotate this?”

Materials in Tension thread detail

Will the chair get taller? Narrower? Tighter? Will the change in tension move the fabric and thus alter the entire nature of the form?

Chair main view

Visit Karl Ekdahl to find out.

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