Flavor of the Month: Chocolate Bamboo Panels by Kirei

Here’s my short list of favorite things chocolate: 1. chocolate cake (we’re talking chocolate through and through, cream as well as cake, and no funny business with black forest or coconut filling. 2. dark chocolate bars—a high cocoa percentage at all costs, the bitterer the better. 3. homemade chocolate coconut milk ice cream—all the decadence of quality chocolate yet dairy free. The contender for fourth place? Why, the latest offering from Kirei: Chocolate Bamboo panels.

Chocolate Bamboo panels. Manufactured by Kirei.

Kirei’s Chocolate Bamboo Panels Offer an Elegant New Look in a Rapidly Renewable Resource

The P.R. material for this new product really says it all: “MMM… CHOCOLATE… Kirei Chocolate Bamboo. Not a surface stain, but a through and through rich color.” As with any chocolate worthy of our devotions, Kirei’s Chocolate Bamboo Panels aren’t merely dark on the outside, but rather full of that rich, creamy, unmistakably luscious tint from tip to toe, from face of fascia to the backside against the wall.

Chocolate Bamboo Panels. Manufactured by Kirei.

And how, pray tell, does Kirei achieve such esteemed consistency? Via the patented uniformity of their carbonization process. This intensive, high-heat procedure assures uniform color throughout each and every panel, meaning the material can be worked and finished without exposing any glaringly bright cut ends.

Chocolate Bamboo Panels. Manufactured by Kirei.

Not only that, but Kirei’s Chocolate Bamboo Panels resist quick exposure; the comprehensive coloration gives them an extra dose of durability: “the rich dark color withstands sanding and is uniform throughout the wear layer, rather than just a surface stain.”

Chocolate Bamboo Panels. Manufactured by Kirei.

The beauty of Kirei’s Chocolate Bamboo Panels certainly speaks for itself. But you know what else speaks just as loudly? Bamboo’s inherent sustainability and renewability, Kirei’s LEED-approved formaldehyde-free adhesive, and the applicability of the panels to a wide range of applications, including millwork, wall coverings, retail displays, furniture, and partitions.

About the Manufacturer: If the word “Kirei” is Greek to you, the Solana Beach, CA-based manufacturer of sustainable surface, millwork, and sheathing solutions means to educate you. In fact, Kirei is the Japanese symbol for the concept of “beautiful” or “clean”: “We have chosen Kirei as the name for our company to reflect our dedication to the principles of elegant, sustainable design.” The company’s portfolio of natural materials includes bamboo, wheatboard (a toxin-free alternative to MDF), and Coco (a multi-purpose tile made from the spent shells of coconuts).

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