New Line from Momentum Textiles

New Line from Momentum Textiles

Early fall seems like an ideal time to acknowledge the importance of ritual, and the latest collection by Momentum Textiles fills the bill.

Many styles and colors in the Ritual collection

Designed by Linsay Bittinger, the Ritual collection offers eight bespoke designs, from woven to coated textiles as well as privacy curtains.

Expression fabric of wavy lines on gray background shown on upholstered ottoman

Standouts include Expression (above) and Glassworks (shown also with Pixelate below), both featuring basic geometric patterns that recall traditional graphical motifs often present in ritualistic customs.

Glassworks textile on chaise and pixelate textile on throw

In duplicating these motifs, the Ritual collection invokes a comforting day-to-day rhythm—a calming repetition that can help soothe the body and pacify the mind.

Detail of five fabrics in the Ritual collection

The textiles in the Ritual collection are bleach-cleanable and phthalate-free with durability indexes exceeding 100,000 double rubs. 61 colors are available across the eight distinct patterns.

Ritual collection of fabrics in palette of blues and browns

Find out more at Momentum Textiles.

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