Everything It Touches

Everything It Touches

Anna Perathoner's "Todo Toca" (translation: "touched by all" or "it touches everything") is a series of shelves but also a story.

Wooden shelves with inset wooden discs with decorative design

Representing "slow furniture for a fast change," Parathoner's piece invites us to engage with it and its relationship to the evolving surroundings: "Changing due to light and the direction of the sun shining into the apartment, it will look different any day of the year and makes the interior space feel alive."

Detail of wooden carving on Todo Toca

Shelves are a place to put the mementos that connect us to our past. Todo Toca reminds us of how our relationships to these moments change with time, for nothing is left untouched by it.

Todo Toca in room

Read more at Anna Parathoner.

Posted September 21, 2023 by Joseph Starr

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