Banking on Bancal

Banking on Bancal

Manufacturer Landscape Forms owns a reputation for making outdoor landscapes more livable and they’re doing it again with the company’s latest: Bancal Tables.

Bancal table and benches in dark stain

As you’ll see from the image above, “tables” is loosely used here since Bancal is a line of seating and surfaces, all made with the same basic construction of folded steel plate under-structures and slatted wood tops.

Overhead view of bench and table in park

Bancal’s simple construction using classic weather-resistant materials makes for long-lasting and much-welcomed fixtures in outdoor spaces: “reliably serving the everyday outdoor settings that are essential to people’s quality of living.”

Bancal detail of expansive seating elements with partial view of table

Designer of Bancal, Spanish firm Urbidermis, is known for a minimalist approach and an international feel. Urbidermis products have a spirit all their own, yet fit right in with the Landscape Forms philosophy and product line: beautiful urban objects that offer places of contented repose in parks, campuses, streetscapes, restaurant patios, and curbside cafés.

Long bench in building portico
Bancal Table and Bench on walkway flanked by verdant plantings

For further investigations, go to Urbidermis and Landscape Forms.

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