Zig-Zag Zurich Puts You to Bed

Zig-Zag Zurich Puts You to Bed

The company known for unifying textile design and artistic talent offers the Stripes & Dots collection—beautiful bedding sets inspired by creative interpretations of this geometric theme.

Aligned Three bedding with verical and horizontal stripes in different colors

Aligned Three by Celine Cornu (above) and Stripe Tease by Michele Rondelli (below) take a literal tack. The former jumps on the retro 70s bandwagon for a timeless design that’s both nostalgic and contemporary. The latter employs digital technology for a tactile tour de force that’s both sensual and sumptuous, definitely apropos for a bedding set!

Stripe Tease bedding with cool digital optical illusions

Here’s Summer Wave by Matthew Korbel-Bowers. Again, more of a literal use of the stripes theme, yet dreamy and nostalgic, with a color palette that will always say “endless summer.”

Summer Wave bedding in vibrant red and yellow

The stunning Simply Blumin’ by Karina Eibatova transfers the artist’s original lovely watercolor to the textile medium by means of sophisticated digital printing.

Textile design with delicate flowers on a white background

A Pointilist masterwork, Meadow Pixel uses the familiar tech motif in an unexpected way to evoke lush gardens and idyllic landscapes: “a visual symphony of serenity.”

Pixellated design in many colors on bedding

Lastly, B.D. Graft’s cool Casso is an abstract collage inspired by the Cubist forms and clever coloration of Pable Picasso.

Casso abstract shapes in many colors

All fabrics in the Stripes and dots collection are 100% premium European spun cotton sateen. The five participating artists created more than 50 distinct designs. Find out more at Zigzag Zurich.

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