Umage Heart’n’Soul Console Table

Umage Heart’n’Soul Console Table

Heart’n’Soul by Umage is a lean and leggy console table that’s versatile enough for home or office.

Heart'n'Soul in dark oak in shadowy room with billowing curtains

The basic formula is an MDF frame with solid wood legs and top, built with an artisan’s touch and a clear nod to the Scandinavian aesthetic.

Console in dark oak close-in view of drawer

The fabric-lined drawer offers discrete storage for diminutive yet cherished objects.

Drawer detail  with glasses inside

Heart’n’Soul is available in three shades of Oak: natural, dark, and black. Umage also offers the option of tops in FENIX nanolaminate, a proprietary surface known for it durability—with exceptional resistance to scratches, stains, and other unpredictable insults.

Heart'n'Soul console table in black with silverware inside

Colors for the latter include black (above), moss green (below), and gray.

in moss green

Find additional information at Umage.

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