c+c tapis Collection by Objects of Common Interest

c+c tapis Collection by Objects of Common Interest

Objects of Common Interest, a design studio led by Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis, draws inspiration from the observation of natural landscapes and materials for the c+c tapis collection, three innovative designs that also use the very complex Jacquard weaving technique to create a fascinating Moiré effect.

c+c tapis quadratic rug in living room in maroon

The most overt influence here is the natural grains and fibers of woods like maple and cherry: ‘We’ve aimed to capture the visual illusions naturally present in the grain and fibers of wood, translating them into patterns similar to traditional Moiré textiles.”

c+c tapis purple splash rug

The three rugs – Zig-Zag, Quadratic, and Splash – are whimsical, geometric designs that offer a fascinating counterpart to the natural phenomena captured in the weave.

Quadratic rug on wall with glass sculpture in foreground

The patterns also change with the character of the light, creating even more interplay between the present and the past—juxtaposing a contemporary aesthetic with artisanal craftsmanship.

detail purple rug

The rugs are a 70% wool/30% tencel blend. They’re made by hand in Nepal.

Find out more at Objects of Common Interest.

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