Heritage by Patrick Norguet for Inbani

Heritage by Patrick Norguet for Inbani

Like a Corinthian column, Patrick Norguet’s Heritage collection evokes an aura of verticality and elicits a certain awe.

Heritage collection two freestanding washbasins and partial view of tub with filler with large architectural column in center of image

The connection to antiquity isn’t accidental: “Inspired by architecture and ancient columns, Heritage is made up of bold, monolithic pieces with vertical grooves that give the object a rhythm and a vibration.”

close-in view of an oval-shaped counter-top washbasin with mirror behind

The collection is distinctive and alluring. These bold forms convey a classical feel while also offering a pronounced texture—inviting interaction. Think of them as museum-quality pieces you’re actually allowed to touch.

Heritage vanity with dark/translucent drawer fronts featuring vertical grooves
Overhead view of open drawer with comb and towel

Norguet also emphasizes the sense of movement herein. The contrast between the vertical grooves and the monolithic nature of the objects creates a certain dynamism: “pieces with personality, with enduring character.”

Heritage bathtub in white

Heritage is comprised of freestanding and counter-top basins, wall units, and a tub. Contact Inbani to find out more.

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