Salco Woods Takes Laminate to Bathrooms and Beyond

Salco Woods Takes Laminate to Bathrooms and Beyond

UAE-based Salco Woods answers the burning question (well, “burning” for those of us fired up by design) what can be done with laminate?

Salco laminate cabinetry in sky blue

Looking at the company’s portfolio of creative surfaces cleverly concocted from wood fiber and resin, I’d say the answer is only limited by one’s desire. Here, for instance, is laminate that looks exactly like terrazzo.

Salco terrazzo laminate

And here are washroom cubicles with the solid appearance of steel or aluminum but absent the intensive extraction and climate costs of those materials.

Washroom cubicles made of high-pressure laminate in charcoal

Applications for Salco HPL include just about any surface in kitchens or bathrooms (they’re heat- and steam-resistant) as well as work surfaces, partitions, TV cabinets, closets, bed frames, and decorative walls.

 A room with a TV console that looks like real wood but is made from laminate

They also make a splash in hospitality environments.

Restaurant scene with creative laminate on wall

Salco’s laminate lines include stone, wood, solids, and the creative/customizable “fantasy” line.

Kitchen with laminate cabinets that look like marble

See Salco to explore more.

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