The VittEr POP Collection Innovates Laminate

The VittEr POP Collection Innovates Laminate

VittEr is an auspicious multi-purpose material made of sheets of cellulose fiber for a compact formaldehyde-free laminate that’s waterproof, fireproof, scratch-resistant, and food-safe.

VittEr POP Collection overhead colorful stools

Created by Filippi 1971 in 2016, VittEr can be formed into just about any shape, so its applications are vast, including worktops, splashbacks, shelves, tubs, and freestanding furniture.

VittEr POP Collection stools various colors

The last use is most apropos of the forthcoming VittEr POP Collection by Basaglia+Rota Nodari studio. POP uses VittEr for a versatile line of tables, stools, consoles, benches, and bookcases.

VittEr POP Collection bookcase in black, brown, white, green

This is a collection of “Universal Objects… plastic and sinuous shapes fished out of memory to give an immediate charm to POP, which focuses on a rhythmic design.”

VittEr POP Collection two multi-colored benches

VittEr is 100% recyclable and renewable. All papers used are FSC-certified, and It’s made without added resins or glues.

VittEr POP Collection stools, bench, and bookcases in white

POP rolls out early next year. See Filippi 1971 for additional information. And go to Designer Pages Media for more innovative uses of laminate.

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