Get Pixl-ated

Get Pixl-ated

Pixl by Fräsch is an acoustical wall and ceiling covering made of recycled PET. Just like Pointilist art (the original inspiration for all things pixel), it’s pretty non-descript close-up, put pan out into a wall- or ceiling-sized display and zowie!: it can take your breath away.

Pixl acoustical panels in orange, yellow, and blue to match color scheme of lockers
wall-sized acoustical panel display with billowing flame

Standard sheets are made of several of the raised acoustical “poofs.” They come in a basic palette of gray and white, but as the above images show, Pixl may be custom specified for just about any design. So, if, say, pugs with eyeglasses and party hats are your thing, you can cover the entire wall with them.

Pixl panels with over-sized dog images

The base palette doesn’t look too bad either. Here’s a creative array on a ceiling that makes a compelling Lego-esque backdrop.

acoustical ceiling panels in alternating rectangles of gray and white

Pixl also offers easy installation. Sheets may be glued, screwed, or nailed directly to any existing ceiling or wall, or cut to fit in standard T-Grid.

acoustical ceiling panels, circular shape in white

Options include round or square profiles in white or gray on choice of black or gray backing.

Pixl module detail

And Pixl is an eco-friendly product. In addition to being made of recycled material, it’s 100% recyclable with Low-VOC emissions. It’s also a LEED-point qualified product.

Large ceiling installation of white acoustical panels in mall outside department store

See Fräsch to find out more. And see ezoBord’s Acoustical Net on 3rings for another aesthetic approach to sound damping.

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