Feeling Fluid

Feeling Fluid

According to manufacturer Martex, among its many attributes, the new Fluido transformable workstation has been designated a “patent of ingeniousness.”

Fluido on caddy with different components

Whether we chalk this up to a new coinage or a spirited mis-translation (Martex is an Italian company located in the province of Pordenone), the sentiment holds: this clever product should receive a patent of ingeniousness!

woman assembling Fluido

Made for the always-evolving demands of the contemporary office, Fluido rolls into view on a compact caddy containing a kit of parts: aluminum frame, legs, tabletop, and various accessories and inserts.

Workstation detail with compartment/charging station

The idea here is to emulate the infrastructure of the Venice fish markets: “every day, depending on the catch, the trays become interchangeable and easily replaceable; all supported by a structure that can be assembled and reused elsewhere.”

Fluido two desks end to end

Fluido achieves these fluid transformations with ecologically minded components (and without the fishy smell!): no screws, recyclable materials, easy transport/disassembly, and sustainable materials including the option of 100% recycled Paperstone tops.

Fluido side by side desks with woman sitting and woman standing

The Fluido collection also includes optional accessories like whiteboards as well as companion products like storage units and bar cabinets. A variety of table heights and surfaces are available.

See Martex to find out more.

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