Paola Lenti Walt Seating

Paola Lenti Walt Seating

I don’t know if Paola Lenti Walt Seating is a tribute to Mr. Disney’s fantastical sensibility, but that would certainly be apropos.

Paola Lenti Walt Seating blue sofa with teal room divider, white rug, low tables, and poufs

Designed by Francisco Rota, Walt is comprised of two- and three-seat sofas with accompanying curved and linear sectional elements, removable seat cushions, and poufs.

Paola Lenti Walt Seating yellow three-seat sofas joined by yellow side table

The assortment gives users tremendous flexibility as it gives Walt a wonderful and whimsical quality: “dedicated to a public open to novelties… dynamic and extroverted that looks for a hint of classic in the contemporary.”

Paola Lenti Walt Seating two blue three-seat sofas joined at right angle with two low tables, two side chairs and a storage unit behind

That last description fits Walt to a T. Like any number of charismatic, compelling Disney films, Walt Seating offers comfort and contentment, a dynamic aesthetic, and the opportunity to explore the far reaches of the imagination.

Paola Lenti Walt Seating two three-seat yellow sofas with circular table in center front view

Walt also features accompanying side tables. Paola Lenti offers a veritable rainbow of upholstery fabrics.

Paola Lenti Walt Seating several sofas in yellow with peach colored poof and additional seating with two separate tables in front of sofa and yellow storage unit behind

See Paola Lenti for further details.

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