Fla is Light as a Feather

Fla is Light as a Feather

Say it with me: “Fla.”

Fla chair front view in white/gray cushion

This new chair from Nuans and TOOU design has a name that exudes lightness. It’s unbearably light, in fact, as free and effervescent as pops of carbonation.

Black polypropylene chair with no cushion

Fla gets its name from the discrete orange fins on the chair’s underside, well-placed “flaps” that facilitate scuff-free stack-ability. This feature, in concert with its 3kg weight, make Fla “the perfect ally for events and, yes, last-minute parties.”

Fla in aqua blue stacked in three and one extra

Stack and unstack Fla at your leisure as you simultaneously color-code it to your whims and desires. With four frame and three cushion colors, you can get semi-exponential with your creative configurations: a Fla for every mood and any color scheme.

Fla detail of cushion in charcoal with black frame

Read more at Nuans.

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