Hightower’s Flote will Float your Boat

Hightower’s Flote will Float your Boat

Sit back, relax, and discover the superlative comfort of Hightower’s Flote lounge and sofa, providing a seating experience that will remind you of lazing in an air-filled pool float, nothing on your mind but the blue skies and marshmallow clouds mingling overhead.

Flote lounge in dark/light gray with ottoman in corner space

The first thing you’ll notice about Flote’s cushy contours is the slight downward angle of the seat, engineered just so with a gentle backward glide that situates users in a comfortable, ergonomic position.

Lounge chairs with ottomans in orange,, yellow, and light blue

Hightower studio Design Director Shawn Sowers emphasizes the importance of this “love at first sit” sensation: “from extensive prototyping to a near obsession with creating a “wow”-worthy sit, the team focused on creating a product that could truly delight at every touchpoint.”

Flote lounge in blue/green with black seams; Flote sofa in forest green in workplace setting with wood coffee table, small bookshelf, and large area rug

Other touchpoints include Flote’s plush-but-firm upholstery in multiple dynamic colors with contrasting fabric options, optional seam details, and customizable powder-coat finishes.

Flote sofa light blue and Flote lounge in periwinkle with contrasting orange seam

Companion to Flote lounge, the Flote sofa offers the same ethereal experience in a spacious package that sits three adults. It’s great for group settings to facilitate comfortable collaboration.

Sofas and lounge chairs in off-white and medium-dark blue in open space with white curtains and windows looking out onto trees

Optional seam details include an oversized welt, chunky zipper, or classic double-needle stitch at the seams: “tailored to suit any space, traditional to trendy.”

Hightower Flote seating view from above with lounges, sofa, and various tables

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