At NeoCon 2023: New & Notable by Haworth

At NeoCon 2023: New & Notable by Haworth

At NeoCon 2023, as part of its 75th anniversary, Haworth created an immersive experience based around post-pandemic work life—”with the office as the hub of the Work from Anywhere ecosystem.”

Haworth 75th Anniversary

Haworth, which began as a woodworking studio in Michigan, has grown into a workspace trendsetter. Haworth at NeoCon 2023 displays the company’s creative take on the hub-and-spoke workplace, which incorporates pieces that are ideal for home with great collaborative spaces for the office.

Haworth new workplace plan

From a cafe to private offices, and creative team neighborhoods to project team spaces, the Haworth New Work Experience offers a space for solitary and collaborative work. There are places for introverts and extroverts, which makes perfect sense. Their vision offers an aesthetic argument for a different office environment—one that draws people in.

Pergola Workspace

Haworth used its Pergola Workspace system to create little enclaves for individuals and small groups.

Bay System by Foster + Partners

The Bay System by Foster + Partners offers sinuous lounge areas.

People who like to work in relaxed positions can enjoy the privacy of Cove Chair by Foster + Partners.

Fern Limited 75th Anniversary Edition Chair

And workers who want to get on task can enjoy their Fern Limited 75th Anniversary Edition Chair, the first task chair with digital knit on the arms and a gradient color pattern. It also has am embroidered 75th Anniversary mark on the seat back.

Pergola by Haworth

See Haworth’s new work vision at their showroom on the third floor of the Chicago Merchandise Mart. Or check our their Zody task chairs from last year’s show.

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