At NeoCon 2022: Zody II and Zody LX by Haworth

At NeoCon 2022: Zody II and Zody LX by Haworth

Building on the innovation and success of the original Zody, NeoCon 2022 saw the debut of Haworth’s Zody II and Zody LX at NeoCon 2022, a pair of award-worthy task chairs that took home joint accolades (silver) in the Ergonomic Desk/Task Seating category.

Haworth Zody chair detail from rear

Taking a cue from Zody—which features Haworth’s patented PAL (pelvic and asymmetrical back support system)—Zody II and Zody LX both offer the ingenious addition of a dual posture feature.

Haworth Zody dual posture demonstrated by woman

Designed for use with height-adjustable work stations, the new feature accommodates the “neither here nor there,” yet extremely common half-standing pose: “supporting you in any posture, from seated to the in-between perch of sit-to-stand.”

Row of Haworth chairs in different colors outdoors with white wall behind

NeoCon’s judges recognized the two new task chairs for their formidable arsenal against purely sedentary and stationary postures—one more way to support the natural and intuitive fidgeting around of the human body during periods of focused work.

Zody II and LX in conference room brown upholstery

Zody II and Zody LX come in a range of colorful upholstery options and other enticing ergonomic features like a waterfall seat edge, breathable mesh back, forward tilt, and tension control.

three Haworth Zody chairs on green floor in maroon, light blue, and orange

Find out more at Haworth.

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