New Velvets by Scottish Studio Timorous Beasties

New Velvets by Scottish Studio Timorous Beasties

If Wednesday Addams designed fabric, she might come up with something like this. Timorous Beasties, the Scottish studio after my own dark heart, recently released a band of velutinous velvets. The tantalizing textiles include Totem Damask, Berkeley Blooms, and Birdbranch Velvet.

Totem Damask velvet

Totem Damask, available in Groove Box and Pale Powder Mix, combines Rorschach ink blots and damask designs in a vertical pattern reminiscent of totem poles. Psychedelic sixties meets Medieval tapestries in bold pop colors or subdued Easter egg hues.

Berkeley Blooms velvet fabric

Berkeley Blooms is a maximalist floral on black velvet. Available in Midnight, the textile is a fecund explosion of big blooms and serpentine vines. It’s a perfect pattern for labyrinthine libraries and lascivious lounges.

Birdbranch Velvet fabric

Birdbranch Velvet, a panel fabric in Honey or Olive, depicts birds on branches. Solid velvet gives way to an intricate pattern of organic twigs. In amber or peridot jewel tones, the fabric works well in both residential and commercial venues.

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