Brentano Adds Bold Texture And Pattern To Its Jubilee collection

Brentano Adds Bold Texture And Pattern To Its Jubilee collection

Two of 20 contract and residential textiles launching as part of Brentano‘s 25th anniversary collection of contract and residential textiles, Dashing is an updated plaid while Arrow is the next generation of a graphic chevron.


Brentano's soft, residential textiles go bold 

"After 25 years, we're still exploring new horizons and pushing ourselves aesthetically and technically,” says Design Director Iris Wang of the 25th anniversary collection, titled Jubilee. “Textures like Dashing and patterns like Arrow are new for us. We wouldn't have been that bold five years ago - much less ten years ago or more," 

Thick, viscose linen ropes and viscose chenille yarns pop up in both the warp and weft of Dashing, along with many more cotton, polyester and acrylic yarns, to give the 54" check pattern's six colorways luxurious depth and dramatic flair.

Equally bold, Arrow overlays Brentano's felted wool Nomad with large-scale rayon embroidery. At 54", Arrow's four classic colorways each coordinate with a Nomad solid; and the embroidery yarns pass 50,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck) for creating dynamic, layered spaces in a wide range of interiors.


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