Visible Spectrum

Visible Spectrum

For the decision-impaired among us, Piero Lissoni’s Spectrum table for Glas Italia might provide some solace.

glass table with orange colored glass and one side covered in gray fabric

This low crystal coffee table is a kind of Cubist exploration in the form of an homage to fine glass.

Spectrum table with yellow and sky blue glass and gray fabric

To arrive at this arresting interplay of form, color, and texture, Lissoni adhered a mirrored bottom to four different types and finishes of glass, in order: Flutes printed glass, Quadretti printed glass, glass with user’s choice of Masaccio or Botticelli fabric, and transparent colored glass in a choice of 12 colors.

Table close view with smoky glass on top and orange glass on sides and bottom

The top is finished off with extra-light transparent glass, sized for partial coverage and placed where the user wishes.

Detail of two tables/partial view of pink transparent top

In keeping with Lissoni’s body of work, Spectrum shines as an example of precision execution with a demanding material and the ability to create harmony between elegance and formal rigor.

Two Spectrum coffee tables in blue/yellow and butter/transparent

Find out more at Glas Italia.

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