At Salone del Mobile: LaVenus Chair

At Salone del Mobile: LaVenus Chair

Porcelain manufacturer Ginori 1735 and designer Luca Nichetto collaborated at the recently concluded event for the sublime and sinuous LaVenus lounge, a crucial component of the brand’s Domus collection, their first ever foray into home furnishings.

LaVenus three chairs white/gray, rust, and green
LaVenus chair: two chairs from above one in aqua/red the other in white/gold with foliage pattern on upholstery
three chairs detail of upholstery: white/gold, aqua/red, green

If you’ve seen Botticelli’s famed “The Birth of Venus” painting, then you’ll apprehend the inspiration: LaVenus aims for a similar evocation of awe with its encompassing clamshell seat, luxurious and sumptuous upholstery, and elegant gold frame that arcs its way up and over the seat for a piping effect that not only heightens the chair’s light and ethereal aspect, but also evokes Ginori 1735’s signature flatware: “like a decorative rim on a porcelain plate.”

rear view and side view of green and white/gold LaVenus chairs

Read more at Ginori 1735 and Nichetto Studio.

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