Not a Bad View

Not a Bad View

Can’t get away to the mountains? Then bring the mountain to you with Axolight’s Mountain View pendant.

Mountain View above table on white background

Designed by master artisan Dima Loginoff—creator of longtime 3rings favorite Trunk Lamp—Mountain View is an exquisite piece with a “ship in a bottle” kind of feel about it. Although, in this case, the bottle isn’t built around the ship but rather extrapolated into it.

Process pics of blowing glass
process pic: molten glass with mountain design

The process pics above may help readers to conceive of Mountain View’s making, but the best way to conceptualize it is to watch this video.

demonstration of mountain view diffuser just out of heat

The mountain of Mountain View is literally imprinted into the very fabric of the light, as craftsmen place a big bubble of inverted molten glass ever so gently onto the mountain mold, which emerges as a miniaturized geological phenomena, erupting from the ether like a land mass slowly rising from the sea.

Mountain View pendant detail

Mountain view is a stunning showpiece whatever the venue. The facets of the design and the clarity of the glass capture the light and captivate the viewer, evoking all manner of natural phenomena: ice, water, crystalline sun.

Glass pendant above lounge with peach-colored upholstery and small round table
Pendant at chalet with mountains in the distance

Read more at Axolight.

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