Enter the Multiverse

The new age of track lighting is here and it’s called the “Multiverse.”

Mlutiverse in rich blue on gray wall

But what is the “Multiverse”? From a strict quantum physics perspective, it’s the notion that all possibilities occur in alternate universes that exist simultaneously. But if we consider the term metaphorically, it’s more about unending choice. This is the angle that brand Juniper has taken with their Multiverse track lighting system.


A long-in-coming re-working of a staid concept, Juniper’s Multiverse updates the outdated notion of a ceiling-bound metal strip and three can-shaped lights into a flexible and dynamic system that goes hither and thither and yon, populating not only ceilings but also walls in creative configurations that can match or confound any existing aesthetic.

Multiverse system with brash finish in maze-like configuration on wall

The key to the Multiverse’s function and beauty are the ultra-compact, ribbon-like nodes that, fittingly, look like streaks of light dashing across the surface. This spine (or better said, nervous system) of the Multiverse concept can span distances of up to 150 feet on a single power supply, “while effortlessly navigating varying topography, corners, and changing planes.”

Light nodes being painted from blue to white

The above is the first element of the system’s excellent adaptability. The aesthetic variability of the nodes is the second: Juniper offers them in four finishes, but they can also be custom painted (as above) to blend in with, complement, or create striking juxtapositions against existing surfaces.

Light node in brass finish against sandstone rock wall

As far as the actual lighting, Multiverse incorporates an intuitive magnetic system that connects up to 16 miniature spot modules, “which can be rotated, re-positioned anywhere along the system’s length, or flipped 180 degrees for independent dimming capabilities on the second circuit.”

brass Multiverse on ceiling

Thus we have the nuts and bolts of this exciting and innovative system that transforms track lighting into a three-dimensional tour de force—an indispensable architectural element that minimizes the hassles of extensive internal wiring while creating flexible, user-friendly lighting.

Light blue lighting system on charcoal wall

Go to Juniper to find out more.

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