NeoCon 2017: PipeLight by Barbican

NeoCon 2017: PipeLight by Barbican


doesn't disappoint. The company's large, architectural lighting fixtures take up space and do it in distinct style. PipeLight, which was awarded NeoCon Silver, exemplifies the company's bold design sense.


The PipeLight System includes straight, curved, corner, and column components measuring one to ten feet each. These units offer extreme flexibility, so spaces can create their own signature shapes or use PipeLight to highlight architectural details.


Seamless construction, ultra-efficiency LED lighting, and unique cylindrical fixtures mean PipeLight "produces an even, ethereal glow." A six-sided internal board and heat sink system assures performance and evenness. And PipeLight can provide all the lighting required in a given space without additional downlights. Its sanitary housing also makes it great for healthcare and hospitality settings.

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