Durasein Solid Surface Patternine Collection

Durasein Solid Surface Patternine Collection

If you’d like to make your backsplash, or your bathroom furniture, or even an entire wall of your living room into an M.C Escher landscape, then Durasein’s solid surface Patternine collection might be for you.

solid surface wall panel with wavy line perspectival design

The line, a collaboration between Durasein and Craig Woehrle of Patternine, brings CNC machining technology to bear on the solid surface material: “opening up a whole new world of light, color, and pattern play possibilities.”

Durasein Patternine material on bathroom furniture with a shiny, diamond-like appearance

Durasein’s solid surfaces are composed of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third high-performance acrylic and resin. Throw in some pigmentation and you have Patternine’s exquisite, mind-bending manipulations of sight and touch.

Patternine solid surface with a maze-like aspect in backlit red light with woman looking on

The material is exceptionally resilient, with the texture of stone yet able to withstand creative sculpting using standard woodworking tools.

solid surface on wall in honeycomb pattern and purple/blue light with man reading and dog

Patternine creater Woehrle has spent years working with parametric systems and digital fabrication. The Patternine collection is a resplendent reflection of his intensive investigations.

Durasein Patternine material on wall in healthclub with intersecting rectangles creating a 3d effect

By their very nature, Durasein’s dimensional designs manipulate light and shadow and thus enchant and befuddle perspectives, but if that’s not enough, they can also be backlit with LEDs for a particularly hypnotic effect.

Solid surface wall with wavy texture like billowing sands in white and woman with rolling bag

All of Durasein’s solid surface materials are impact, scratch, heat & fire resistant, as well as food-safe, non-toxic, non-porous, anti-bacterial, low-VOC, & mold-/mildew-resistant.

Durasein Patternine on wall in white with squares containing concentric patterns and woman with dog watching

See Durasein and Patternine to find out more.

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