Light Up with Shimmering Concrete: The PIXA by SensiTile

Not to be confused with Pixar Studios, the Pixels sofa by Cristian Zuzunaga by Moroso, or the leaning tower of Pisa, a new fabric for the home goes by the similar name of PIXA. It is as revolutionary to its field of surfaces as each of the former three are to their respective fields, and was recently released by the innovative SensiTile Systems into a class of it’s own.

PIXA. Designed by SensiTile.

Designed by Abhinand Lath – who started his Michigan-based company, SensiTile, after experimenting with optic light channels embedded in panels – the PIXA slabs are composed of light-conducting channels integrated into a micro concrete substrate. Producing minimalist patterns that add to the interior design of your home, the fibers can be lit from any source, including solar.

Above and beyond their subtle beauty weaving its way throughout your space, the new tiles by SensiTile can provide your project with extra LEED® credits with their implementation of recycled content. The tiles range in thickness from 7/8″ to 1-1/4″ and come in a variety of dimensions depending upon the thickness preferred. Slabs can be custom-ordered in lengths up to 8′ with a thickness of 1-1/2″.

Light guides within the PIXA surfaces come in seven different patterns: Grid, Random, Luna, Wave, Sequence, Prism small and Prism Large. If a less structured pattern is more your cup of tea, this can be arrange by manufacturing the slabs with light terminals that look somewhat organic, instead of opting for a set grid.

Aside from the visual qualities added to a space, the Transmaterial website describes the composition of the PIXA as light guides that optically connect the two surfaces of the concrete material. The grid joins the surfaces together and correspond with an LED Screen or projection system on one side that allows for the digital control of each “pixel” (hence the name).

The PIXA can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, flooring, and for bar-tops. Using polymer-modified cement and embedded light guides, it is available in standard colors that can be speckled or solid. Besides the color choices offered, the finish comes in a semi-gloss urethane or a penetrating and ULTRA (higher gloss).

Since normal projects contain normal products, deck yours out in a different way with the PIXA sparkling throughout the surfaces of your extraordinary project.

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