Linking Spaces, Places, Ideas

Linking Spaces, Places, Ideas

A modular outdoor benching system, Landscape Forms’ Link lets designers take their cue from the surroundings.

According to designer Jess Sorel of sorelstudio, “Link marks a new opportunity for designers to achieve the scalability, elegance and creative freedom of custom, one-off site furnishings without the inherent cost and complexity.

The idea here is to provide adaptability and flexibility via a system that easily conforms to the features of any natural site or constructed landscape.

Link Serpentining bench on outdoor patio with shade structure above and café tables

Link embraces straight lines, broad arcs, and tight serpentining curves in equal measure. The modular parts come in a handful of different profiles: straight inline, left/right miter, straight piano key, 96″ radius piano key, and 140″ radius piano key.

Link detail of piano key arced bench on grassy area

Nor is it just the seats and backs that adapt so well. Base and mounting options include metal supports, straight concrete block bases, or wall-mounted and top-of-wall mounted styles: “supports or block bases lend the bench a robust sense of permanence, while wall-mounted and top-of-wall mounted styles offer qualities of tension, balance, and levity.”

Link wall-mount single bench with concrete block base in desert landscape

The degree of customization extends to the finishes. Options include five different wood grains and powdercoat finishes in MeldStone, low sheen, metallic, and high gloss, for a total of 25 different base and armrest colors.

Link inline with lots of right angles in outdoor public space with desert aspect

Find out more at Landscape Forms.

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