Bachette Chair for an Elegant Fold

Bachette Chair for an Elegant Fold

The day after the Oscars feels like a good time to look at Mentsen’s Bachette chair, a folding safari and Director’s chair that aspires towards a “new, contemporary interpretation of those chairs while maintaining their familiarity and the emotional quality.”

rear view of an elegant folding chair with steel base, beech wood arms and frame, and leather seat and back

What emotions does the classic Director’s chair inspire in you? For me, it suggests power and leadership (director) as well as simplicity and easy camaraderie (safari). Mentsen seizes on these qualities as core to Bachette.

Bachette in gray fabric side view

Regarding simplicity, Bachette offers an elegant folding form made with timeless materials and superlative function. The name “Bachette” refers to the Beech wood back and arms, simple “sticks” that seem to levitate above the streamlined steel base and flexible seat.

front view of high-end folding chair, beech wood and steel base

In the folded position, Bachette is definitely wafer-thin: light and lithe and just asking to be slipped in the trunk and taken to the beach.

Bachette in folded position

Mentsen’s Bachette chair is available in fabric or leather. Colors include taupe, ash, and rust.

Bachette side view of chair on stage

Check out Mentsen to find out more.

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