Suspend your Disbelief with Nuée

Suspend your Disbelief with Nuée

Foscarini’s Nuée suspension lamp doesn’t resemble a light fixture so much as a transcendent powder puff, a luminous numinous cloud, a fairy tale marshmallow or mushroom from a land that transforms even the earthiest of objects into an ineffable and un-graspable shade of white.

Nuée detailed view, cutout

Designed by the always versatile Marc Sadler, Nuée shows its transcendence in the way it bears up to elaborate comparison. Close scrutiny would seem to always end up in a perplexed kind of musing: “What exactly is that.”

suspension lamp on blue background

Foscarini likes to remind us of its sculptural quality, and of the importance of its aspect when un-illuminated: “Creating light fixtures that are just as impactful off as they are on has been at the core of Foscarini’s design ethos since the beginning – highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing as stand-alone objects.”

a family playing chess at the kitchen table with the Nuée light in the background

With its billowing, befuddling fabric shade, Nuée certainly stands alone. And, yes, its tactile and visual appeal is every bit as potent when it’s off.

Detail of special formable fabric

The white PBC material that constitutes the diffuser is a flexible, form-able fabric that welcomes subtle manipulations from users, changing its shape and consequently changing the way it projects light: “overlapping layers of a three-dimensional fabric can be modeled to create areas of chiaroscuro, which light shines through in a suggestive manner.”

Detail of hands manipulating Nuée fabric

Yes, the uses of Nuée are certainly open to suggestion. Whether you see it as a low-slung moon come down to invade and enchant, or a billowing, cotton-candy like cloud, Nuée is certain to liven up your environs.

Suspension lamp in doorway, illuminated

Read more about Nuée and designer Sadler at Foscarini.

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