Hera Round Suspension from Boca Do Lobo

Hera Round Suspension from Boca Do Lobo

Mother of nature, icon of maternity, and foil to the all-powerful Zeus, Hera is the original goddess.

Hera Round single tier

Just so, Boca Do Lobo honors Hera and all she symbolizes with Hera Round, a resplendent, rapturous suspension lamp of foundry metalwork, cast brass, and frosted glass: “moulded to resemble the features and look of a round golden branch.”

Hera Round double tier

Hera thus evokes not only nature but also daylight and the life-giving source of the sun—very apropos for an illuminating adornment.

Hera round single tier in living room

Boca Do Lobo offers two iterations of Hera: the original Hera Round and Hera Round II, the latter with a double-tiered structure that extends the metaphor and resembles an intricate arrangement of golden laurels.

Hera round double tier in luxurious restaurant

Custom sizes and finishes are available. For further details see Boca Do Lobo. And go to Designer Pages Media for more from Boca Do Lobo.

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