Nassimi Goes PFAS-Free

Nassimi Goes PFAS-Free

With the legistlative push to ban or curtail PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) well underway in 31 states, textiles manufacturer Nassimi is ahead of the curve by going completely PFAS-free.

Nassimi resilience PFAS-free faux-leather textile in earthy colors from orange to rust to brown

Nassimi Resilience faux-leather PFAS-free textile.

PFAS are a class of polyfluorocarbons associated with long half-lives and consequent environmental degradation, contamination of water supplies, and possibly harmful health effects in animals and humans. Nassimi has been proactive in reducing these chemicals and, now, eliminating them altogether.

Writer's block PFAS-free textile demonstrating resistance to liquid

Writer’s Block High-Performance Textile.

Effective February 15, the brand’s Resilience TX line (the last remaining Nassimi product containing PFAS) will transition to PFAS-free. Says Nassimi EVP Iwan Nassimi, “Human health and environmental stewardship have always been of great importance to us at Nassimi. For many years now, we’ve been on the path to ending the use of potentially harmful chemicals in our fabrics, and we are proud to eliminate PFAS from all products.”

Resilience TX line swatches: yellows, browns, greens, and blue

Nassimi’s Resilience TX line is now PFAS-free

PFAS are widely used in water-repellent clothing, carpet, and other textiles because of their excellent stain-blocking. Nassimi is pioneering the use of alternative stain-resistant textiles, as exemplified in the Company’s Supreen line, which uses a silicone-based stain-repellent technology in which the silicone is fully embedded into the textile’s fiber, “providing exceptional stain resistance, without the use of any harmful chemicals.”

Supreen green textiles with water spilled and beading up

Nassimi Supreen Stain-Blocking Textile.

See Nassimi to find out more.

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