Designtex + Bauhaus

Designtex + Bauhaus

Designtex is celebrating their one hundredth anniversary with new textiles honoring the weaving pedigree of the Bauhaus.

Designtex + Albers textile samples with lines in blue, black, grey, yellow, and white

The two new collections honor the achievements of students Gunta Stölzl and Anni Albers—whose vision and creativity helped advance the art of textiles.

Designtex + Gunta Stölzl textile samples. Geometric forms in peach, yellow, black, and gray

Stölzl’s penchant for geometric forms—and creative juxtaposition of those forms—inspired five new woven textiles, each evoking her technique of offsetting pattern repeats.

Designtex + Stölzl criss-cross pattern of tight lines in orange, rust, aqua, brown, black, and white

The designs may fairly be likened to jazz—a cacophonous, yet equally sonorous, amalgamation of color and shape that can seem jarring yet ultimately holds together in a wondrous way.

Designtex + Stölzl textile designs of squares and lines in yellow, black, grey, and various browns

Albers work is memorialized as well: lines of differing widths set at different orientations that embrace the allure of bold primary colors.

“Through the experimentation and exploration of materials, construction and color, the women weavers created a pictorial and textural language of their own.”

Designtex + Albers textile samples in many different colors against solid orange background

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