Mosqueton: a New Take on the Three-Way Lamp

Mosqueton: a New Take on the Three-Way Lamp

Inge Sempé’s Mosqueton (French for “carabiner”) for Hay is named after the slick hook-shaped device that lets you hang it anywhere you please, but the clever lamp does much more than dangle daringly from boughs.

Mosqueton three lamps hanging in tree

In it’s most domestic capacity, it also functions as a simple table lamp.

 a red stainless-steel lamp on an outdoor patio table

And perhaps least apparent, the base features a hole and stopper that will accommodate the right-size of pole for a rustic floor lamp, or even a stick for tiki-style outdoor illumination.

Mosqueton with silver shade supported by a branch through the bottom with jungle leaves in the background

Mosqueton is made of polished stainless steel with a tough zinc-alloy base. It features an integrated LED lightsource with three-level adjustable brightness. And Mosqueton holds a ten-hour charge, just long-enough to make it through the night. The USB charger cable is included.

Detail of lamp bottom, circular structure with central hole

Find out more at Hay and Inga Sempé.

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