Saratech Permasorb: Wallpaper That Cleans the Air

What's your particular pet peeve when it comes to emission of undesirable odors? Stinky Shoes? The redolent tones of overcooked garlic? The pungent delirium of VOCs? Perhaps the latter is most relevant to concerns in A&D, since these particularly strong smells can damage the health of installers as well as future inhabitants. The greenest solution is to use healthier paints and finishes, but what if you're dealing with a retrofit? A German company called Blücher Technologies has the answer. Their patented Saratech Permasorb Wallpaper actually captures and isolates air-borne pollutants (even those that don't smell), making it an excellent solution to the all-too-common malady of "sick building syndrome."

Saratech Permasorb Wallpaper. Designed by Blücher Technologies.

The product is a "breathable, glass fiber/polyester nonwoven paper-like covering" containing absorbents that naturally capture toxins like PCB, PCP, pesticides, and radon-each of which were a de rigueur byproduct of construction during the 60s and 70s. The key to Permasorb's functionality is a profusion of tiny, perfectly round black spheroids that resemble the most uniform collection of poppy seeds you've ever seen. As Blücher says, the size and shape of these are crucial: "particle size distribution, mechanical properties, and surface chemistry can be customized according to the requirements." If your requirement is a wall covering that captures pollutants from the very air you breath, the profile you want for these charcoal-like absorbents is small, evenly distributed, and extremely porous–all the better to create the requisite large internal space to permanently capture and store contaminants.

Saratech Permasorb: Wallpaper That Cleans the Air

Saratech Absorbents. Designed by Blücher Technologies.

Blücher's Absorbents are easily integrated with textiles. That, coupled with the large surface area of your average wall covering, makes Permasorb Wallpaper an excellent approach to cleaning up an older building. And if you'd like it to de-odorize your shoes or the indefatigable smell of fried fish, it can do that too!

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