Pod, Meet Kapsul

Pod, Meet Kapsul

Kapsul 1.0, from 1% Design, takes the office pod to the next level with a self-contained workstation that transports users into a quiet space without requiring full enclosure.

Kapsul in closed position

Think of it as a bureau that becomes a self-contained workstation. Hidden hardware enables the front to simply fold open, revealing a compact desk within a nifty illuminated niche, thus providing a feel of privacy as well as sound attenuation.

Detail of hardware for opening front
Kapsul in open positioin wiht laptop and notebook

Kapsul’s further attributes include a mounted monitor, USB outlets, and wireless charging.

Kapsul with mounted monitor in brown/gray

The prototype is finished in a nice, neutral blonde wood. Forthcoming models include white, gray, walnut, and one with a colorful inset pattern a la Mondrian.

Kapsul rendering with Mondrian detail of three colored blocks in red, blue, and white on bottom half of unit with chair

Another tool in the rapidly multiplying work-at-home arsenal, Kapsul enables quick immersion into projects: “users can instantly disconnect and dive into their work environment from the comfort of their home.”

With desk open view from side

Read more at 1% Design.

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