At 100% Design London: Jetstream by Marijn van der Poll

Dutch designer Marijn van der Poll took his cues from the De Havilland Comet and the jetstream to create a desk that looks like the wing of an aircraft. The Jetstream desk offers a large smooth surface, which manufacturer Ahrend explains is an “answer to open plan working in the future.”

Jetstream Desk. Designed by Marijn van der Poll. Manufactred by Ahrend.

That the Jetstream looks to the past in order to reach towards the future is perfect: like the meandering, arc shape of the actual jetstream, the Jetstream desk has a boomerang-like effect, reminiscent of mid-century organic curves and futuristic in its streamlined aerodynamics. The Jetstream’s shape is more than a simple design innovation-its “unique form adds to the work experience without any loss of functionality.” If anything, the shape should work to increase productivity, just as traveling the jetstream current helps reduce flying time. By discarding the stern angularity of the rectangle, the Jetstream desk encourages flow: a flow that travels from the physical object to infuse the worker’s productivity. Van der Poll thinks of the Jetstream as “a symbol of liberation from physical constraints imposed by traditional tables."

At 100% Design London: Jetstream by Marijn van der Poll

The wing and base of the Jetstream are polyester sheath on a steel inner frame, and the worktop is high-gloss lacquer. Like a well-designed aircraft, the Jetstream affords maximum stability-its base reinforced to handle weight. Since it’s produced by Ahrend, a worldwide expert in flexible furnishings, the Jetstream joins van der Poll’s beautiful design with high-quality construction, which is more than we can say about the De Havilland Comet. It’s true that the chic 1950s passenger version featured lots of room, personal ashtrays, and a well-stocked bar; unfortunately, it suffered from poor wing design, causing two controversial failed lift-offs. No such error with the Jetstream desk, as it’s intended to stay firmly on the ground!

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