Hi, Dri, BDNY

Hi, Dri, BDNY

Being left Hi ‘N Dri is a good thing with Perennials Hi ‘N Dri Collection, best in show winner in the fabrics category last month at BDNY.

Hi 'N Dri on outdoor couch in a very light blue

Hi ‘N Dri is a vegan leather collection, but it’s got a look and feel that’s pretty darn close to the real thing, with a “soft, buttery texture and supple hand.”

Navy blue vegan leather fabric on an outdoor sofa on small patio

Made of 100% polycarbonate polyurethane, Hi ‘N Dri is an EPA-approved antimicrobial fabric that offers excellent performance, repelling stains, resisting spills, and wearing well even under intense sunlight.

Vegan leather on outdoor stools in front of pool with shrubby hills in the background

As the line was inspired by the desire for upholstery on yachts, Hi ‘N Dri’s colorway is rife with shades of the sea: from deep navy to sea salt.

Vegan leather fabric detail

Read more at Perennials. And visit 3rings to explore other innovations in vegan leather.

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