Fly High with Ultrafabrics’ Volar Bio

Fly High with Ultrafabrics’ Volar Bio

Ultrafabrics’ Volar Bio makes great strides in vegan leather with this sustainable and bio-based collection.

Ultrafabrics' Volar Bio black

Volar Bio boasts a 29% Bio Preferred Program Label, “incorporating renewable plant-based materials into the multiple layers of our proprietary construction.”

Ultrafabrics' Volar Bio dark colors assorted

Early 2021 welcomes new colors to the existing collection, as seen in these images choreographed by interior stylist Despina Curtis.

Ultrafabrics' Volar Bio brown

Ultrafabrics finds a great use for corn and wood-pulp byproducts here—natural, renewable materials incorporated into Volar Bio using Ultrafabrics’ proprietary technology.

Ultrafabrics' Volar Bio green

The vegan leather is durable, cleanable, and comfy, with “unmatched quality, softness, and durability that exceeds the finest leather.”

Ultrafabrics' Volar Bio on chair red and orange.

Volar Bio is the winner of PETA’s Vegan Homeware Innovation Award for 2020. See Ultrafabrics for further details. And go to Designer Pages Media for more innovative textiles.

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