BDNY Best Product Winner Calacatta Bar

BDNY Best Product Winner Calacatta Bar

Is it just me, or does TLC Hospitality’s Calacatta Bar make you pine for Mad Men?

Calacatta Bar in oak with Calacatta marble top

Not that anyone really wants to return to the days when “men were men” and drinking was mandatory, but this handsome bar/storage piece fuses classic appeal with contemporary functionality.

Mini bar with open doors

Featuring a clean, curved silhouette and the mysterious allure of smoked glass, the Calacatta bar’s exterior hides “the treasures within.” This not only refers to the wine, or whiskey, or mocktails housed inside, but also to the roster of beautiful materials and exacting details, including a rotating shelf, integrated lighting, and customizable walnut drawers.

Calacatta Bar at BDNY in walnut with view of interior rotating shelves and other storage

Nor should we forget the iconic inset slab of Calacatta marble whence the piece gets its name, always a bold choice.

Mini Bar in poplar on stage at display booth of BDNY

The Calacatta bar features architectural-grade veneer, full-length hinges, 360-degree rotating twin shelves, and integrated wireless phone charging. Learn more at TLC Hospitality. And visit us at 3rings to discover more clever hospitality storage.

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