Poggenpohl’s +Stage Line

Poggenpohl’s +Stage Line

Poggenpohl's +Stage line offers four clever, compact storage solutions for those who like everything in its place.


The collection is comprised of four freestanding storage units-each conducive to a different function and each easily lent to individual modification.


Bar+ features a mini wine-fridge, overhead wine glass racks, ample drawer storage, and an unending supply of prepared ice cubes.


Breakfast+ is the ideal repository for coffee accouterments, including customized options to create your ideal cup of joe.


And Tea+ is for those preferring to indulge in this refined afternoon pastime.


Options for all units include various heights, slide-in/disappearing pocket doors, and finish in any Poggenpohl surface color and texture.


For additional information, see Poggenpohl.

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