Stand Up with the ErgoUp Teacher Workstation by VS America

I’ve been tempted to switch to a stand-up desk for about six months, but the right style and size haven’t yet jumped out at me. For the teachers of classroom settings, I’d have to say I’m mighty appreciative of the VS America simple desk design, ErgoUp, which was created to keep us healthy and strong – whether we work in front of a class or would otherwise be seated in a sedentary position.

ErgoUp desk. Manufactured by VS America.

An Ergonomic Stand-Up Teacher Workstation Replaces Typical Desk Designs

For optimal, efficient working along with the healthy side effects of standing and working, the ErgoUp is created out of a strong frame. This includes powder-coated steel tubes with set-back, C-shaped legs and a tabletop of melamine-resin-coated LIGNOpal chipboard. Thanks to its two different frame sizes – along with a continuous height adjustment operated by a winding handle – the minimal desk offers everything one might need to lecture daily and/or work on a computer.

ErgoUp desk. Manufactured by VS America.

The steel tubes of VS America’s seamless desk design also include the smart use of polyurethane in the form of a cast-on safety edge, storage shell, and an integrated stop rail. The desktop itself is inclinable, operating at an 8° angle with a horizontal shelf located just behind the ergonomic slant of the desk.

ErgoUp desk. Manufactured by VS America.

As a shining example of the possibilities posed to teachers in the classroom, the ErgoUp desk allows us all the opportunity to reconsider the way we stand with our current desk design.

About the Manufacturer: Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, VS America, Inc. produces ergonomic furniture for the education market. The company’s German parent company, VS Vereinigte Spezialmoebelfabriken GmbH & Co. KG (VS), has been manufacturing educational furniture for more than 100 years and is the largest supplier of school furniture in Europe.

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