Cursa Casts a Spell

Cursa Casts a Spell

A fortuitous confluence of French designer Anthony Guerree and Portuguese manufacturer De La Espada results in Cursa, a mesmerizing lounger aptly named for a bright star in a distant constellation.

fuzzy lounge chair with upholstery like a sheepdog

Cursa is Upholstered from Tip to Tail

While chairs don’t actually possess tips or tails, the animal-esque language seems apropos given the fuzzy upholstery, which evokes a shag rug and a shaggy dog, two icons of comfort and warmth.

back view of fuzzy chair

Of course, the upholstery isn’t the only distinctive aspect here. Cursa features an innovative semi-circular form. Its interior structure in solid wood facilitates the broad curve that makes it so spacious and inviting.

Cursa lounge in gray upholstery

And Cursa can be outfitted any number of ways. De La Espada offers a range of fabrics via Danish textiles sourced from Norwegian mills and leather from tanneries in Sweden and Italy.

Cursa side
fuzzy chair detail

Visit De La Espada to find out more. And check out 3rings for another example of fuzzy seating.

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