BDNY Wrap-Up: nanimarquina

BDNY Wrap-Up: nanimarquina

It was a big year for nanimarquina at BDNY with an expansive roster of stylish new rugs by a line-up of marquee designers.

detail of nanimarquina booth at BDNY with several rug samples

The always effervescent Jamie Hayon created Troupe, a 100% biodegradable rug made of New Zealand wool that “speaks of friends, children, free-spiritedness, and spontaneity.”

Troupe rug on floor of home library with chairs
Troupe rug with whimsical fantastical creatures resembling animals

Troupe’s overall aesthetic is whimsy, but it’s also fascinating and strange in the best sense of those terms. Hayon embellishes these animal-esque creatures with fantastical parts and unusual aspects. I see suggestions of the art of Harry Nillson’s classic The Point, as well as Sendak’s seminal Where The Wild Things Are.

nanimarquina Troupe rug on floor of empty room

Tropue definitely has a collectible quality. As Hayon says, “it could be a painting, but it’s on the floor.” The hand-tufting technique enables a faithful reproduction, allowing for “the unique stamp of the craftspeople who made it.”

Troupe under construction with artisans sitting on rug

Clàudia Valsells’ Tones is a colorful new collection that explores the intriguing interactions of different colors in different quantities.

Tones rug on floor with tan, orange, greenish blue, salmon with two women sitting on sofa nearby

Comprised of four different designs, Tones also examines color as a metaphor for musical notes, with “an infinite wealth of shades, highlighting chromatic harmony.”

inspiration for nanimarquina's tones different paints in combination

Three of the four rugs feature a solid block of color, inviting the incorporation of the other elements of a space like people, animals, and furnishings. In contrast, the fourth features a melodic distribution of different color cuttings.

Tones rug on floor many different colors in asynchronous shapes

Next up, Tiles offers a classic look with a smart interpretation of rectangles and squares as found in the constructed landscape.

Tiles rug gray with white lines on kitchen floor

Tiles rugs are durable and versatile. The geometric design enables expansive combinations: rugs can be added or taken away without disrupting the architectural pattern.

nanimarquina's Tiles with little girl playing

Made from 100% recycled PET using the Dhurrie technique in India, Tiles is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, kids’ rooms, and outdoors.

Tiles dark gray/white on patio with ocean view

And Re-Rug is a reclaimed wonder that uses discarded wool accumulated by nanimarquina suppliers.

Re-rug detail with many colors iin speckled effect and yellow and blue fringe

The leftover wool goes through a complicated reclamation process that includes color separation, manual shredding, mechanical opening, then spinning and stretching.

Re-rug process pile of different colors of unsorted thread

Finally, New Zealand wool is incorporated for the warp (the structural part of the rug). The end product is a 50/50 virgin and reclaimed wool blend with excellent durability and a beautiful marbled aesthetic.

nanimarquina Re-rug outdoors on patio with man and mountains in the distance

Lastly we come to Ceras, featuring subdued colors in broad strokes of straight lines on a neutral background.

Ceras close-up five different colors

Named for the Spanish word for Crayons, Ceras duplicates the effect of manual tracing with this child-like implement: “aiming for balance using fundamental colors and something as simple as drawing stripes in repetition.” Ceras is durable, dense, and long-wearing. It’s ideal for high-use locales like hallways and kitchens.

nanimarquina Ceras rug on floor og kitchen

See nanimarquina for more on these latest collections. And visit 3rings to check out other exciting artistic rugs.

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