The Buzz on BuzziBounce and BuzziTrihex

The Buzz on BuzziBounce and BuzziTrihex

Designed by Belgium's Gerd Couckhuyt for ever-eclectic manufacturer BuzziSpace, BuzziBounce and BuzziTrihex are a pair of compatible pieces that work well for education, office, and residential venues.



The Bounce in BuzziBounce is owed to the chair's clever construction-an s-shaped silhouette grounded with a base of satinated chrome. The ensemble creates a cantilevered effect that gives the chair a pleasing, ergonomic give.


The backside of BuzziBounce can be finished in BuzziSpace upholstery or wood veneer.


The companion table, BuzziTrihex, is a clever geometric tour de force. The solid tabletop is formed from multiples of conjoined sections, creating two spacious iterations.

rectangular table

Circular Table

Together, Bounce and Trihex offer an aesthetically compelling solution for educational and office venues. Use them for conferencing, breakout collaboration, or break-room brainstorming.


For further information, see BuzziSpace.

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