The New Face of Concrete

The New Face of Concrete

Conclad’s Cemento Non Cementro (rough translation: “the non-concrete concrete”) is a multi-purpose, non-structural slab product to beautify interior surfaces.

product detail looks like concrete

This stuff really is a dead-ringer for concrete. Made of natural gypsum and cellulose fibers from recycled paper, Cemento Non Cemento brings the look of the classically versatile material without the complications of pouring concrete.

Cemento Non Cemento detail. Product in blocks rather than one large slab.
Concrete-like wall in closet or retail shop with glasses on shelves to the side

In addition to the compelling aesthetic, the product offers pragmatic versatility. It can be cut, drilled, milled, engraved, pantographed, lasered, and scratched; it offers excellent thermal properties and sound absorbtion; it offers good impact and fire resistance; it’s eco-compatible, and it’s stable in humid environments. Thus, Cemento Non Cemento makes a great backsplash or tub surround.

Backsplash made o fcemento non cemento
Cemento Non Cemento wall near bathtub

It may also be pigmented and made into cabinet facing and furniture.

kitchen with non-concrete cabinet faces
long table with cemento non cemento top

Though Cemento Non Cemento is not engineered for structural loads, it does offer a high capacity for suspended loads. Panels are easy to attach to walls and simple to join together. The material is also eco-compatible: it’s ISO 16,000 tested for the confirmation of very low VOCs. Get additional details at Cemento Non Cemento. And visit 3rings for more decorative wall panels.

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