Surfaces From Scrap: Green Trend

Surfaces From Scrap: Green Trend

Offcuts and unwanted scrap materials are fashioned into new 21st century surfaces that combine dazzling color and intriguing textures.

Resin Stool Chen Chen Kai Williams_2

Chen Chen & Kai Williams set scraps of waste material into blocks of pigmented resin like futuristic fossils. The blocks are then sliced into colorful slabs which are used to make everything from coasters to tabletops.

Paper light by Pia Wüstenberg

Pia Wüstenberg‘s paper furniture and lighting is made by rolling, gluing and then sculpting waste paper.

Marmoreal board by Max Lamb for dzek

London-based materials brand dzek collaborated with British designer Max Lamb to create 'Marmoreal' - an engineered material that combines colorful offcuts of Rosso Verona, Giallo Mori, Verde Alpi and Bianco Verona marble set within strong polyester resin binders.

100 percent by Rodrigo Alonso

Designer Rodrigo Alonso melts granules of waste plastic and roto-molds them into pieces of furniture.

Plag vessels by Wael Seaiby

Edinborough College of Art graduate Waël Seaiby has invented a unique four-stage recycling process that transforms everyday HDPE plastic bags into multicolored, smooth and sculptural vessels.

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