Pier Intuitive Benching by Shibuleru for Vitra

Pier Intuitive Benching by Shibuleru for Vitra

Named for the impressive pillar that supports an innovative height-adjustable surface, Pier helps users create collaborative spaces that can change function on the fly.

Pier desk system with four workstations and conference table

It’s a space-saving concept at heart. Because it essentially places stations for focused work side-by-side with surfaces for meetings, it minimizes the workspace footprint, “allowing for fluid transitions between work modes.”

Pier system showing different heights for each component in open office

Pier also integrates a smart cable management system. Infrastructure runs through easily accessible channels and can be routed to individuals, without having to alter the base assembly.

height-adjustable benching

Pier also facilitates easy addition of workstations. Double columns and hidden mounting brackets complete this transition, with the added bonus of creating ample leg space and an open, uncluttered aesthetic.

Schematic showing different uses. Many different configurations of desks at different heights with silhouettes of people for examples of use

Pier supports collaborative benching, focused workstations, hot-desking, conference tables, and individual table-desks. Table tops are soft-light melamine. Bases, screens, and cable trays are available in a wide variety of colors. Go to Vitra or Shibuleru to find out more. And see 3rings to check out other innovative collaborative workstations.

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