Volley Chair by Resident NZ

Volley Chair by Resident NZ

Casual and comfy, Jamie McLellan’s Volley Chair is a playful swivel lounge that adapts to all kinds of environments.

Volley chair pink seat on red base

The jauntily angled backrest is comprised of a single sheet of pressed plywood, formed just so with an ergonomic angle to accommodate a variety of sitting positions.

Volley chair in green velvet near steel cylindrical pedestal tables

Volley’s pedestal base is streamlined yet robust, nicely complementing the chair’s balance between lightness and stability, elegance and casual comfort.

two lounge chairs with pedestal bases in green velvet

It’s also available with a timbered base, for those who prefer a lighter look and can do without the full circle swivel.

four chairs with different bases and colors

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